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About the Auto Zone Company:

Auto Zone is a company of automotive parts and accessories that was born in the year 1979. The company started in Forest City, Arkansas, United States. Pitt Hyde is the person who founded the particular automobile company. The headquarter of Auto Zone is situated in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

The company already has more than 6300 stores in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. They provide all kinds of auto parts, automotive elements, car decor accessories, etc. The company also appointed more than 87000 employees for their company and stores.

An Overview of the Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Auto Zone has arranged a customer feedback survey project. Through this project, they will able to collect your valuable opinion and suggestions about the company and they will also able to makeup business promotion through this survey.

The Rewards you can get by participating in the Survey:

This feedback survey process is followed by a customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes. Every valid and legal entrant will get chances to participate in this contest. The people who will win this contest will get a chance to win a cheque of $5000 from the Auto Zone company.

The Rules and the Restriction you should follow during participating in the Survey:

  • The customer satisfaction survey is only open for the citizens of the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, or 50 United States.
  • The company demand only those people whose minimum age is 21, otherwise you are not an eligible contestant.
  • If you have a recent receipt of the Auto Zone company you can participate in this survey by the online process.
  • If you don’t have any receipt of the particular company you can participate in this contest through the mailing process.
  • The participant with the receipt can enter in this survey only once with the single receipt code.
  • Any illegal or inappropriate entries will be not entertained by the company authority.
  • If you are an employee or if you have a direct or non-direct connection with the company Auto Zone, you are not eligible for the contest.
  • Any interested person should know the English or Spanish language properly to participate in the survey.

The Steps of completing the survey with a Receipt:

Via Online:

  • For the online survey, you just need to turn on your electronic gadgets like your desktop, laptop, tab, or mobile phone and connect it with a reliable internet connection.
  • After connecting with the internet open a browsing app and search for this link www.autozonecares.com
  • This link will guide you to reach the entry page of the survey, the first thing you need to do is choosing your country.

  • After that, you can choose your preferred language between English or Spanish.
  • Then in the next page, you need to choose if you are eligible contestant according to the rules of the survey you can participate for the survey sweepstakes also or if you are not an eligible participant and still, you can provide your opinion about the company but you can’t participate in the survey contest.
  • Choose your preferred option and press the “Continue” button to go to the next page.

For the eligible participants for the survey sweepstakes:

  • To enter the survey, you need to provide the 17-digit number from your last time visit receipt of Auto Zone.
  • Then you can click the “continue” tab and reach to the main survey page where you need to answer some of the questions about the particular store chain.
  • The survey will ask some questions about your last time visit experience, the cleanliness of the shop, the behaviour of the employees, the payment in the checkout process, etc.
  • After that, they will give you an option to participate in the customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes you just need to click the “yes” tab and participate in the survey contest by providing your first name, last name, valid phone number, email address, your complete address with zip code, etc.
  • Finally, you can submit the survey and wait for the result.

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For the not eligible participants:

  • If you are not an eligible participant according to the rules of the survey you can still you can choose your preferred option and share your valuable opinion.

Via Calling:

  • If you don’t have any reliable internet connection you can also participate in this survey by making a call in this number 1-800-598-8943.
  • You need to call the company within a particular survey period.
  • You will get some auto-replies on your phone call and you just need to provide all the required documents through the phone call.
  • After completing the survey through the phone call, you can participate in the customer satisfaction survey and need to tell them the minimum details of your contact like your name, address, phone number, email ID, state, city, zip code, etc.
  • Then your name will be automatically enrolled for the customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes.

The Steps of completing a Survey without any Receipt:

  • The first thing you need to do is to read the rules of the survey very carefully.
  • If you are an eligible entrant you just need to write down your first name, last name, complete address, city, state, zip code, telephone number including your area code, your date of birth, and email address on a 3″×5″ size postcard and put it in a business-size envelope then you must send it to “AutoZone 2019-2020 Sweepstakes”, PO Box 10879, Rochester, New York 14610.
  • Your mail should be received by the last date of a particular entry period of the survey sweepstakes.
  • If you become one of the lucky winners of the survey sweepstakes you will get a notification as a mail.

Contact Details:

  • For any further details call the Auto Zone company at (901) 495-6500
  • Or you can send them a fax at (901) 495-8300
  • Or mail them for any urgent go.skimresources.com
  • And the corporate office address is 123 S. Front Street Memphis, Tennessee 38103


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