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dutch bros coffee menu

Dutch Bros Coffee Overview:

Dutch Bros Coffee was founded in 1992 by Dane and Travis Boersma: brothers of Dutch descent. After three generations in the dairy business, government regulations pressed the family to sell the cows.

The bros bought a double-head espresso machine, threw open the barn doors and started experimenting with just 100 pounds of beans and a rockin’ stereo. They set up a pushcart on the railroad tracks and started passing out samples to anyone who would brave the new brew, and, within a month, they knew they had something special.

These entrepreneurs of Dutch descent established their brand back in the year 1992 and started off selling coffee on pushcarts all across town. Now the company has over 320 locations in the United States. Focusing on the quick-service strategy of delivering quality products with a speedy service, Dutch Bros menu items have been critically acclaimed by food lovers all across the board.

Dutch Bros coffee is becoming favourite all across the United States. Today, Dutch Bros Coffee is the country’s largest, privately held drive-thru coffee company, with over 290 locations in seven states and over 7,500 employees.

dutch bros coffee menu

Dutch Bros Menu & Prices:

Dutch Bros Coffee offers premium quality products. The company listens your thought. Dutch Bros has built a reputation by enforcing high standards in the quality of the beverages that are offered at each and every one of its stores. Apart from putting a strong focus on serving some of the best coffees and a variety of caffeinated beverages at its hundreds of stores, Dutch Bros menu also offers teas, energy drinks, sodas, lemonade, and even smoothies for you to try out. They have listed down below menu and prices.

Dutch Bros Classics

Kicker           Small            $3.00

Kicker           Medium       $3.50

Kicker           Large            $4.50

Annihilator Small            $3.00

Annihilator Medium       $3.50

Annihilator Large            $4.50

Caramelizer          Small            $3.00

Caramelizer          Medium       $3.50

Caramelizer          Large            $4.50

Cocomo      Small            $3.00

Cocomo      Medium       $3.50

Cocomo      Large            $4.50

White Chocolate Mocha         Small            $3.00

White Chocolate Mocha         Medium       $3.50

White Chocolate Mocha         Large            $4.50

Chai Tea     Small            $3.00

Chai Tea     Medium       $3.50

Chai Tea     Large            $4.50

911       Small            $3.00

911       Medium       $3.50

911       Large            $4.50

Double Torture     Small            $3.00

Double Torture     Medium       $3.50

Double Torture     Large            $4.50

Extra Shot               $0.50

Dutch Bros Blended

Dutch Freeze        16 oz. $3.50

Dutch Freeze        24 oz. $4.50

Dutch Freeze        32 oz. $6.50

Dutch Frost            16 oz. $3.50

Dutch Frost            24 oz. $4.50

Dutch Frost            32 oz. $6.50

Blue Rebel Energy Drink

Blue Rebel  16 oz. $3.50

Blue Rebel  24 oz. $4.50

Blue Rebel  32 oz. $6.50

Dutch Bros Infused Teas & Sodas

Dutch Tea  Small            $1.75

Dutch Tea  Medium       $2.25

Dutch Tea  Large            $3.00

Dutch Soda           Small            $1.75

Dutch Soda           Medium       $2.25

Dutch Soda           Large            $3.00

Dutch Bros Private Reserve

Dutch Cocoa        Small            $2.00

Dutch Cocoa        Medium       $2.50

Dutch Cocoa        Large            $3.00

Americano Small            $1.50

Americano Medium       $2.00

Americano Large            $3.00

Dutch Bros Cups (Single Serve)      12 Pc. $10.00

Dutch Bros Junior Mafia

Mini Frost                $2.25

Mini Smoothie                  $2.25

Not-so-Hot                        $1.50

Dutch Bros Grab-n-Go

Muffin Tops                        $2.00

Granola Bars                    $2.00

Dutch2O                  $1.50

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Dutch Bros Secret Menu:

Apart from the long list of beverages that are officially available at each and every Dutch Bros location across the country, the brand has more to offer. The Dutch Bros secret menu comes with additions that aren’t really a secret, but worth trying out right away.

  • The Dirty Macchiato: When you order this, you get a beverage with English toffee that is infused with caramel.
  • Pocahontas: This drink comes caramel, white chocolate, and a hint dark chocolate and is named so based on the Disney movie.
  • Ba-Nay-Nay: This order gets you a dark chocolate drink mixed with banana mocha and whipped cream served on top.
  • Banana Bread: This drink is made with hazelnut and a fair amount of creme de banana syrup. It tastes just like a latte, with half-and-half steamed milk used instead of just the regular.
  • Dirty Caterpillar: This beverage is served as a smoothie made with green apple and topped with caramel.
  • Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea: This order will get you a green tea that is mixed in with lime, some passion fruit essence, and strawberry.
  • Bob Marley: You get a Cocomo (dark chocolate and coconut) serving with a banana added to the blend with this order.
  • The Wallaby: This is a beverage served with caramel, chocolate macadamia nuts, and a whisk of dark chocolate mocha.

Dutch Bros Hours & Locations:

General Hours:

The coffee shop chain Dutch Bros operates as per the working hours similar to those of other popular drive-through chains, with the exceptions of some after-hours locations across the map as well. Below are the general operation hours of Dutch outlets across the United States. You can also find a region-specific opening and closing hours here https://locations.bk.com/

Monday – Thursday: 5.00am – 11.00pm
Friday – Sunday: 5.00am – 12.00am


Within just a few decades of its opening, the brand has already made a strong presence among consumers, which has led to rapid expansion. Opening up more than 300 locations all across the country, Dutch Bros is established in the States of Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. With more than Several Dutch Bros locations in the United States are open 24 hours, so feel free to locate the one near you clicking this link www.dutchbros.com/Locations.


E-mail:  feedback@dutchbros.com


Call:  541-955-4700


Dutch Bros. Coffee

110 SW 4th Street

Grants Pass, OR 97526


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