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Saxenda Savings Card

On requesting or activating Saxenda Savings Card, the applicant will be eligible to incur a considerable amount of savings on Saxenda®. If you are thinking to do the same, you are in the right place.

SaxendaCare ® Program

Patients who are enrolled in commercial or private insurance will also be automatically enrolled in SaxendaCare ® Program. These programs developed with the Saxenda® for assisting in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body and life.  SaxendaCare ®  is regarded as the Number 1 choice for weight loss program and is scientifically proven to be effective in most the case.

With the problem of obesity and excess fast food consumption hitting the world, there has been a widespread disease and disorders that come with excess weight gain. Apart from that, the comfortable and fast-paced lifestyle has left very limited time and scope to opt for the ideal workout regime.

Increasingly patients, with the same kind of concerns are slowly opting for an alternative medicated way that could stimulate weight loss while maintaining a balanced diet and going on with the regular activities.

What is Saxenda® 3mg (liraglutide) injection 

Saxenda® 3mg (liraglutide) injection has been exactly designed keeping in mind, above requirements. Adults with excessive body weight (like BMI ≥27) and are suffering from obesity, cholesterol and other fat-related issues (BMI ≥30) are prescribed this injectable medicine for stimulating loss and control of body weight.

However, alone Saxenda® won’t work magic on the loss of weight. A certain amount of physical activity along with a balanced death with reduced calorie intake is required for its full effectiveness.

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Offers and benefits

Reduced Price

The patients who are privately or commercially insured can enjoy the reduced rates on the various amount of Saxenda® purchase:

  • $25: 30 day supply; one box.
  • $50: 60 day supply; two boxes.
  • $75: 90 day supply; 3 boxes.

Increased Savings

From the above, you can conclude, that, Saxenda Savings Card Program is ensuring the following amount of savings as per the amount. This same amount is also applicable for the cash-paying patients and commercially insured patients who do not have drug coverage.

  • $200: 30 day supply; one box
  • $400: 60 day supply; two boxes.
  • $600: 90 day supply; 3 boxes.

Apart from that, the above mentioned both the offers are valid until 24 months of the from the date of activation of Savings Card. Apart from that, the offer is also subject to twelve boxes every calendar year which equates to twelve-monthly(30 days)prescriptions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The patient must be 18 years or older or reach the legal age of adulthood as dictated by the state law.
  • The patient must have a valid prescription for the brand with valid Prescription ID#
  • The patient cannot be considered eligible if he or she is enrolled or reimburses claims from any government, state or federal health care program along with the drug coverage with a prescription from the programs like Medigap, TRICARE, VA, DOD, Medicaid, Medicare or some kind of state or federal programs as per the prohibition by law. They can, however, opt for separate SaxendaCare® Program which will be a program plan without the above-mentioned benefits. In such cases, patients would get the offers and benefits from the drug purchase as mandated by the federal or state program that the patient is enrolled in.
  • The patient must reside and have valid citizenship of the United States of America.
  • The program may be redeemed only within the geographical boundaries of the USA from the participating retail pharmacies.
  • The patient cannot combine the savings Card benefits with any other medical vouchers, coupons, insurance, discounts, certificates or the same kind of offers.
  • To know more details about the eligibility criteria and rules, please visit www.novocare.com/eligibility

Activate Card

If your eligibility criteria match with the above points, you may proceed for the application of Saxenda Savings Card Program:

  • Visit mysaxendacard.com. (Recommended to please wait for few seconds and do not press ‘back’ or ‘refresh’ button as you will be redirected to the Novocare’s page, specially designed for imparting information and registration)
  • Please specify if you wish to activate a new card against your insurance or want to request for replacement of the card.
  • If you wish to activate new card against your account, you need to enter the following information:
  1. GRP Number (from the frontal portion of the card)
  2. ID Number (9-11 digits again printed at the front portion of the card.
  • For cardholders who require new or replacement cards can directly skip to the next step.
  • Please choose No for enrolment (coz that is the eligibility criteria).
  • Click on Next: About Me.

Activate Saxenda Savings Card

  • Type the following personal information:
  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Activated Email Address.
  4. Date of Birth(mm-dd-yyyy)
  • Specify if you have been prescribed Saxenda®.
  • Enter your full address:
  1. Street Address.
  2. City.
  3. State.
  • Personalize your model of the program by choosing your desired way of extra coaching:
  1. App-based support.
  2. Live coaching via phone.
  3. No additional coaching.
  • If you opt for live telephonic coaching, please enter your contact number for communication and specify the best time for contact from Monday to Friday.
  • Proceed to create SaxendaCare®account(For all the customers)
  • Enter an email address that is active and will be used for login credentials.
  • Create a Password. The password must be created by keeping in mind the combination of at least one uppercase and lowercase letter and one numerical. It must be a minimum of eight characters or more.
  • Specify if you wish to receive email alerts regarding refills and dosing.
  • Specify if you have received a 1-pen starter kit.
  • Enter the date for starting your SaxendaCare®
  • Click on Next: Finish and confirm.
  • Check the terms and conditions and indicate your agreement.
  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • Please confirm if you are 18 years or older.
  • Click on Next: Get Savings Card.

Complete the accounts set up and obtain your special Saxenda Savings Card.

To know more about Saxenda® 3mg (liraglutide) injection benefits, dosages and side effects, please visit www.mysaxendacard.com.

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Customer Care


  • Product Enquiry


  • Product Complaint or report side effect


  • Help for affording medicine



  • Visit www.novonordisk-us.com/Contact-Us.
  • Fill out the Contact Form with the requisite information and the queries, concerns or requests in detail.
  • Verify the captcha and click Send Mail.
  • You will receive a response and resolution within the shortest possible TAT.


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